Clear Light: connecting our human family through the power of words.

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Clear Light is a space for our human family to connect: inspiring, empowering, healing and uplifting each other, through the power of words.

It gets it’s name from clear light mind, which is said to be our truest essence once we are free from the noise of our everyday mind and our conditioning. By sharing Clear Light you can support the global awakening of humanity, as seeds of light spread and take root in our collective consciousness.

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Clear Light Wisdom, (wisdom that arises from clear light mind), is said to be the highest wisdom possible on our journey of spiritual awakening. Sometimes words can point to the nature of clear light, while at other times they comment on the causes and conditions that cloud our experience of clear light.

In this free-flow expression from the point of stillness you may find some clear wisdom that has meaning for you in your own journey of spiritual awakening.

The invitation is for you to contemplate these words for yourself. Any meaning and insight will come to you, for you, from that still place inside you.

A Global Awakening

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.” - Hafiz

When you subscribe to Clear Light you become part of a growing community of people who are awakening to our true nature as spiritual beings. You may have already discovered oneness, unity consciousness, nonduality: these are just some of the many names for the true nature of our reality. You may also be familiar with mystic poets who wrote from the clear light stream of consciousness: Rumi, Milarepa, Omar Khayam, Kahlil Gibran and Hafiz. If so, you will be in good company here.

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For anyone who is inspiring, empowering, healing and uplifting our human family through the power of words


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