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ALL of OUR Journey: Birth, Life, Living, Dying, Death ... and LOVE!

ALL of OUR Journey: Birth, Life, Living, Dying, Death ... and LOVE!

A Clear Light Quantum Alchemy Podcast with Anya Sophia Mann

Clear Light Quantum Alchemy Episode 19.

Learn HOW to 'be the change you want to see in the world'. Through ‘quantum conversations’ with Anya Sophia Mann, guests, and callers, learn how to connect with (and live from) your higher self and live a higher life from your highest light. Why not you? Why not now? Join us!

This series first aired every Wednesday on Blog Talk Radio. The call-in coaching number is now closed. Episodes available every 2nd and 4th Saturday in Clear Light.

All episodes are freely available to everyone. The second episode of each month is Unwavering Strength IS Us!


In this episode:

Anya and co-host Ruth dialogue on today’s topic, including:

  • What IS consciousness?

  • Beyond death

  • The evolution of consciousness

  • What is real?

  • What is reality?

  • Dying as a sacred process

Patti called in for an update. She is aware of changes in her energy field, and has a headache. Quoting Anya, “Change yourself and you change the world”, Patti adds, that’s Divine! Thank you!

Anya shares a powerful technique that we can all use to relieve any headache, especially those caused by sensory overload.


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Links and resources:

"When Does Consciousness Arise in Human Babies?" by Christof Koch, in Scientific American

Rouge Self-Recognition Mirror Test for Babies (YouTube Video)

"Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing" - Anita Moorjani

"Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife" - by Dr. Eben Alexander

"Who Dies? An investigation of Conscious Living and Conscious Dying" - Stephen and Ondrea Levine 

"Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation" by Dr. Ian Stevenson

James Leininger: The Boy Who Remembered His Past Life As A Pilot

"I wanna know what love is" by Foreigner (apparently it's not by Bryan Adams after all! - Ruth)

Anya’s blog archive A New World

Lightworker Undercover: Your Time Is NOW” by Anya Sophia Mann

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All 44 Tenets for a Conscious Journey are available for immediate download on Kindle as "In The Light Of A New Day". They are also being posted as a series HERE on Clear Light!

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Clear Light Quantum Alchemy
Quantum conversations with Anya Sophia Mann, guests, and callers. 'Be the change': connect with (and live from) your higher self and live your highest light. You matter. Simply listening contributes your light and uplifts our human family. Join us.