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I Want To Know What LOVE Is!

I Want To Know What LOVE Is!

A Clear Light Quantum Alchemy Podcast with Anya Sophia Mann

Clear Light Quantum Alchemy Episode 21.

Learn HOW to 'be the change you want to see in the world'. Through ‘quantum conversations’ with Anya Sophia Mann, guests, and callers, learn how to connect with (and live from) your higher self and live a higher life from your highest light. Why not you? Why not now? Join us!

This series first aired every Wednesday on Blog Talk Radio. The call-in coaching number is now closed. Episodes available every 2nd and 4th Saturday in Clear Light.

All episodes are freely available to everyone. The second episode of each month is Unwavering Strength IS Us!


In this episode:

Anya and co-host Ruth dialogue on today’s topic, including:

  • What IS love?

  • Definitions of love

  • What does love mean to me?

  • How we can spend our lives looking for love in the wrong place

  • Where love really is

  • What is really happening when we “fall in love”

  • The many ways in which love shows up in our lives

  • The importance of warm cinnamon buns!

Will called in. He says “You know love when you see it”. He experienced very loving parents and became aware of how many lives were changed as a result of his loving parents. He wants to know how he can reach even more people to share the love in his heart. Anya shares techniques for flowing love into any situation, which shifts the energy for all.


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Clear Light Quantum Alchemy
Quantum conversations with Anya Sophia Mann, guests, and callers. 'Be the change': connect with (and live from) your higher self and live your highest light. You matter. Simply listening contributes your light and uplifts our human family. Join us.