Oct 5, 2021 • 16M

Love Heals

A Poetic Meditation - Poem and Podcast

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The backstory to how this meditation was created... (scroll down for poem)

This was created for a friend whose life partner had just passed from cancer. There was no rehearsal. It was not written beforehand. This is an example of pure free-flow creativity in the moment - speaking spontaneous words to the music1 (which I hadn’t heard before). Words that I hadn’t heard before. I was simply holding the intention for a healing meditation for my friend who was grieving. This is what came, and I want to share it with you. Intuition follows intention. You can hear in this poetic meditation, the compassion that came through as a result of me holding that specific intention for my friend.

Please share this with anyone who is grieving or anyone who may simply enjoy this poetic meditation.

“Beautiful. Soulful. Nourishing.

I listened to it before I went to sleep

and again this morning.

I felt I was sleeping and waking with love.

Now I am going to go through my day with my heart full of love

for the greater good of all.

Thank you.”


Love Heals

The power of love to heal

Let love lead

I know you’ve been hurt

And somewhere you are hurting

Let’s go there, with love


The power of love to heal

Let love lead

Love knows the way home

Home to what is real

and true within you


I know you know

The awesome power of love to heal

Grief and grieving is healing

And honoring what was and allowing

what is now


If you're hurting, love heals

Allow yourself to feel the love

That is what is real

And what is real never leaves

Let love lead


Life is full of everyday losses

Evidence that life is impermanent

Reflect on that fact

That life here on Earth is impermanent

Let love lead


Be present to the knowing

That every moment is life

Living through you, as you

Let love lead


Love knows the way

Often, hurting is a sign

That love is present

The hurting is reminding you

To put your attention on the love

That is, was, and always will be


Let love lead

Love has always shown you the way

Love is a feeling

A feeling that comes with higher

Thought about everything


Love is guiding you

Let love lead

And in that space

love, love, love

And love even more


Allow your heart to be the space

Where hurt can heal

In the space of your heart

Let love lead

Melting, dissolving what isn’t real


Love is what is real

And connects all of us

Through eternity beyond infinity

Allow yourself to feel the grieving behind

The loving this is the healing moments


Allow yourself to love

And love more

The awesome power

Of love to heal

Whatever comes into it's space


You are that love

You are that awesome power of love to heal

Love your way through this world

Healing this world

Let love lead


Being the sacred space

Of the love that you are

Healing in this world

You are love in action

Let love lead Love heals


Music: Fluidscape Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/